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The Ladinia Women's Chorus has a simple goal: to create a musical group that proudly represents the Ladin community both nationally and internationally. They want to make a positive impact on the global choral community by taking part in respected competitions and festivals.

Right now, the choir has 29 passionate singers, ranging from 27 years old and up. Since starting in 2017, they've achieved impressive milestones in a short time. After two years of dedicated practice, they had a big win at an international competition in Riva del Garda (Italy). They received a gold diploma, showing off their exceptional musical skills. They were also recognized with a "Winner of Category" diploma, which highlighted their strong position.

Martin Runggaldier, the founder and director, guides the choir's artistic journey.

Their success continued when they got the chance to take part in the 11th World Choir Games in 2021 in Flanders (Belgium). This event brings together talented vocalists from all over the world. They competed in the "Musica Contemporanea" category as part of the well-known Champions Competition. Their performance was well-received, earning them a remarkable SILVER medal. This achievement is proof of their passion for music and makes the Ladin community proud.

In October 2023, the choir once again participated in the "In Cantol Sul Garda" International Choir Competition and once again secured the title "Winner in their category" with a Golden Diploma.

With a focus on musical passion and showcasing their culture, the Ladinia Women's Chorus keeps moving forward. Their beautiful voices connect with people, showing the world the rich heritage and talent of the Ladin community.

Our commitee and singers

Our Conductor

Martin (30), at the age of 20, embarked on his conducting journey in 2013 as the leader of the youth choir of Town St. Christina. His passion for choral music led him to seize an invaluable opportunity in 2016 when he attended a prestigious Master Class in Choral Conducting at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. The class was conducted by Dr. Brady Allred, a renowned figure from the Salt Lake Choral Artist in the USA. During this formative period, Martin found a guiding light in the form of Christo Burger, a distinguished conductor from South Africa who leads the Akustika Chamber Singers. Christo, who is also the Co-Founder and Mentor of the Ladinia Women's Chorus, played a crucial role in Martin's development as a conductor.


Under Christo's mentorship, Martin gained invaluable insights, refined his technique, and deepened his understanding of the art of conducting. The influence of Dr. Brady Allred's master class, coupled with Christo Burger's guidance and mentorship, has propelled Martin's growth as a conductor. Their collective expertise and passion for choral music have instilled in Martin a profound appreciation for the artistry and the ability to lead and inspire others through music

Martin also attended choral conducting courses with Claudio Büchler at the Landeskonservatorium in Innsbruck, where he gained further valuable experiences. Under the guidance of Claudio Büchler, a respected choral conductor and educator, Martin was able to deepen his knowledge and enhance his conducting skills. The courses provided him with opportunities to interact with other aspiring conductors, learn new techniques, and expand his repertoire. These experiences further fueled Martin's passion for choral conducting and helped him unleash his musical potential to the fullest.


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